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Custom Printed Corrugated Packaging Boxes

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Custom Printed Corrugated Packaging Boxes

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Custom Printed Corrugated Packaging Boxes

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Custom Printed Corrugated Packaging Boxes

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Custom Printed Corrugated Packaging Boxes

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About our Corrugated Boxes Corrugated Boxes are suitable for both shipping and storage. Custom Boxes Bulk has a variety of these boxes that can be used to pack products which need extra care and attention. These products can be anything from books to toys, depending on your product line-up. The boxes about which we are talking actually come in the category of cardboard boxes. They are actually made up of this material. Before we can go into the details of these boxes, there is a need to understand what corrugated means and how can you achieve the maximum strength with it.

Corrugated Boxes meaning

You must have heard this term over many times and must have become familiar with it through the course of time. However, you must know why the boxes are called corrugated. If you hear someone calling a box corrugated then that means that the box has been added with layers of cardboard for added strength. This means that whatever material you are going to pack inside it is going to remain there and be safe for the course of shipping. The added layers provide support to each other and are important in achieving shear strength. This strength is notorious for having the boxes get flattened because of the shear forces or get flattened to the sides because of it. The layers actually act as a scaffold to the walls of the boxes and thus it doesn’t allow them to collapse or be sheered.

Their strength is phenomenal

As we have already stated in the above paragraph that the corrugated box means that it is provided with an extra strength which enables it to withstand great shear forces. This makes this box’s strength phenomenal since the walls are provided with extra support from the layers. As you might think that adding these layers might reduce the internal space, there is a need to know that the layers are not big enough to do that. Yes, they are strong but not much wider to have space inside compromised. Custom Boxes Bulk keeps this thing especially in mind when they manufacture their boxes since space is what the customers mainly look for. If it is compromised then the customers do not prefer buying those boxes and then there is a loss experienced both by us and our customers. Thus, to mitigate this loss and to value our customer satisfaction, we come up with layers that are bound to increase strength but do not reduce the internal space.

The cost is less

When you read about the multi-layers you must have thought about the cost of these boxes being more than any other boxes; however, we want to tell you to rest assured because the prices which we offer are not only less but they are lesser than those in the market. This makes us stand out from the rest and also align with our belief of serving our customers the way they deserve to be served. There is no discrepancy left in making the product according to the customer need here at Custom Boxes Bulk. We provide boxes that are phenomenal and out of this world. All of these benefits are given at a reasonable cost. What benefits us from this is that we earn customer although we lose profits. We are committed only to the happiness of our customers and this is why we have chosen to produce boxes that are low in cost from the rest of the market. This is because we know how you are received out there and treated. There are many businesses out there who are ready to fleece you to your very bits. Thus, you need to be wary of them and make sure you always chose someone as Custom Boxes Bulk who are always down to earth when it comes to pricing and quality.

The quality is not compromised

The assertion in the last sentence of the previous paragraph has brought us to the fact that we should remind you of our uncompromising quality. We employ our best facilities and resources in making the best product for you. Too much hassle is made when it comes to quality descriptions. The companies define their qualities like they have been brought down from the heaven. However, this is totally no the case. The quality which they show is totally not paralleled to even the basic standard. They only brag about the products to lure you into traps which could actually destroy your motivation later when you find out that what you had ordered and what you received are two different things. We at Custom Boxes Bulk do not believe in making these mistakes. We know that bluffing of this sort can bring down our business and also bring the moral of the customer down. This is why we only stick to our standards which we have developed through the time and have made it possible for the customers to outreach that quality, especially in this country. We want to bring something that has not been in this market and this is why we never compromise on quality.

The quantity is not compromised

After talking about quality, we should also tell you that according to the wishes of our customers, we only deliver the quantity which they ask for. They can order any quantity and we are here to provide them that. Whether it is a batch purchase or even a single box, we can provide them with their desired quantity without compromising the quality. As you might know that quality and quantity are two different things but they go hand in hand. If you have quality but not quantity, the customers are going to think about you in negative terms. Same is the case with the other way around. If you have quantity but not the quality the customers are again going to neglect you. So, knowing about these terms, Custom Boxes Bulk has developed a balance between the two. Because of this balance, our corrugated boxes are liked and purchased everywhere.