About our Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetic Boxes are needed to secure the cosmetics perfectly. Custom Boxes Bulk has the packaging that you can need for your boxes. There are a lot of box providers in the market but when you have the service of this company, you are surely going to come again for more orders. We have a wide variety of boxes from corrugated, to Kraft boxes which are all designed and cut or assembled according to the likes of the customers. There is no need to go anywhere else when you have us at your side. We employ every little detail in making our products the best so that we stand out from the rest and become a standard for the rest. We assert all of our resources and everything that we have to make our boxes the best by far. Our market reputation speaks of our originality and of our commitment to the customers. We make sure that there is no discrepancy left in making you the boxes that you need. Also, we want to tell you that what makes us different is our ability to comply with the desires of the customers. We have our faculties working day and night for the betterment of everyone onboard and also our customers. We cannot let down anyone and that is why we have cultivated a kind of persona that can make us the best in the market. Talking about the cosmetic boxes that we make, we must assure you of their toughness and their originality and also of their compliance with your product norms. We offer a wide range of boxes and packages for cosmetics.

1) Liquid cosmetics

Liquid cosmetics require great care since they are susceptible to leakage. When it comes to Custom Boxes Bulk, we sense the necessity of having the liquid cosmetic bottled up nicely and securely and also by having it contained properly because in the long run, even if a single hole gets its way in the bottle, all of the cosmetic material can be lost. Keeping this in mind, there is a need for us to complete everything and make the process seamless and spotless for everyone involved. We don’t only care for our customers, but we also care for our employees, and this is why we have devised ways in which we can make sure that everything is made in the spheres of perfection without compromising the health, the time or the money of the customers as well as the employees.

2) Creams

The boxes made of creams and foundations are all according to the standards of the market in which we work. There are several other players in the market who claim to provide boxes for creams and other cosmetics better than us. However, if you ever had the coincidence of using their boxes and also of ours, then you would understand the difference quite nicely. You would get that the boxes which we have made are not only according to your product needs but also have all the necessary elements on them. These necessary elements are required to make your product stand out from the rest.

3) Nail Polishes

The nail polishes are since individual product with sometimes having many products that are to be contained in the same box, there is a need to make boxes that can accommodate no matter how many products you want them to complying with the industry as well as the market standards. There is a need to know that you can include more than one nail polish in boxes that we provide. You just have to tell us the exact number of the nail polish items you want to pack and they will be packed according to your wish. We do not believe in intervening in the desires and claims of our customers and this is why we have teams who like to ask the customers what their wishes are. They are then attended according to their wishes. Thus, at Custom Boxes Bulk, you are going to be treated as the boss. With great respect, you are treated and guided through the process.

4) Lipsticks

Since these products are towering products and they are also a little compact in the width, we have the exact boxes for them also. Whatever embossing or foil stamping you need we are there to do it for you. Also, we are good at texture coating on the boxes of your cosmetics be it any cosmetic, not just the lipstick.

5) Any other cosmetics

The list of the cosmetics is not just limited to the ones stated here. You can have any cosmetic boxes made within the time span that you and we agree upon. There is nothing on our behalf that we say no to. We can do everything and bring out any type of boxes that you need. Our boxes are tailored to your desires so that no matter where you ship them.

Boxes for Shipping

As we said above, no matter where you want to ship your products, our boxes are going to secure them and protect them in this endeavor. Our teams make it sure that they manufacture the boxes that are not even parallel with your product personas but also carry your logo in the most fashionable way possible.

Your Logo on the Boxes

The boxes that we make have the ability to have your logo settled on them efficiently. All of the colors that we use and all of our printing facilities have the requirements of printing your logo on the box in the best possible way. As you know that there is a need to have your logo on the box in order to expose your business. The customers, first of all, see the box and then the logo on it. The colors of the logo and its design thus matters the most in any way. At Custom Boxes Bulk we make sure that the logo that we make and the cosmetic boxes that we make complement each other.