Custom food boxes are meant to keep your food fresh. However, it does more than that. Good packaging can present your food items to your customers in a manner that they won't be able to ignore. We work hard to ensure that your food items are packed under the safest conditions. Our services online can be used for almost all kinds of food packaging. When you are looking to buy custom food boxes, it is good to look for the ones made from high-quality materials. We offer that kind of material without breaking your bank. We pay special attention to the materials used for our boxes. Most of our custom food packaging boxes are made from recycled material or cardboard of the best quality.

Types of food packages we offer

Bakery boxes

Bakery boxes are meant to keep your bread, cookies, or pizzas safe. These boxes are often made by sandwiching two layers of paper between two thin pieces of cardboard.

Bagel boxes

These are boxes used to pack bagels individually. It is made of thin paper with a hole at the center for you to place your food item.

Pizza boxes

Food packaging manufacturers design pizza boxes in such a manner that when the box is closed, it can remain folded. This ensures that the pizza placed inside it remains safe and does not become soggy.

Cheese boxes

These are small paper or cardboard boxes that can be used to pack grated cheese.

Cake boxes

Decorated cake boxes are used to hold decorated cakes. These can be placed on top of each other without worrying about them becoming flimsy or breaking.

Candy boxes

Candy boxes are available in two shapes - rectangular or square. These boxes have a hole at the center, which makes it easy to remove the candy from them.

Cereal boxes

Cereal boxes are often made with two pieces of cardboard or high-quality paper sandwiched between them to make them strong enough. You can use these boxes to pack cereal, chocolates, or other small food items that are fragile.

Juice boxes

These are made from paper and are used for packing canned juices.

Ice cream boxes

These are used to pack ice cream, especially single servings of it. They are made from paper or plastic materials.

Tea boxes

Tea boxes are often made from a single piece of cardboard. These need to be strong enough since they have to contain the contents safely. We at our company make sure that they withstand shelf or transportation pressure at all costs.

Muffin boxes

These are boxes made from heavy-duty paper, which makes them strong enough to contain muffins safely.

Other Custom food packaging

There are also boxes with several compartments to hold different food items separately. No matter what type of food packaging boxes you are looking to buy, we’re here to start working on your orders.

Why choose us?

No compromise on quality

We are extremely passionate about making top-quality boxes that last for long. We only use 100% virgin cardboard to make them strong, which means your food items will be safe at all costs. Our team of professionals is always available to help you come up with custom boxes online. Just send us your requirements and we will get back to you with a free quote. Experience in making boxes We have years of experience in making quality boxes at the most affordable rates. Our exceptional services also include designing your custom food packaging boxes from scratch. That is guaranteed to reflect the unique brand of your business. We have been trusted by companies worldwide and aim to continue our tradition into the future as well.

What sets us apart from others?

When you are looking to buy customized food boxes, there are several features that can make a key difference in your purchase. Whether you are looking for bakery boxes wholesale or custom cake boxes online, below are the features that set us apart.

High-quality material

Whether you are looking for pizza boxes wholesale or cake boxes, we use heavy-duty cardboard that can withstand scuff. You can then judge the quality of the material by touching and feeling it. If you find a box extremely thin and flimsy, we will most happily return it.

Clarity of design

We make sure that the box is designed in a manner that has ample space for your food item. We believe that the design of the box should be such that you can clearly see what food item is inside it. This helps customers identify their choice without having to open it. Moreover, if you are buying bakery boxes wholesale, our design of the box can hold up to two layers of cakes or pastry. They are flat and without any compartments since they will be more expensive than others.

Sealing mechanism

You also need to check whether there is a sealing mechanism on top of the box if you are buying pizza boxes wholesale. We provide that sealing without additional cost. If you want to look for custom bakery boxes online, the box should be made of good quality material with a flat base that can contain heavy cakes. Our boxes have that kind of strength. 

Storage space

Our boxes have enough storage space available if you are buying cake boxes wholesale or bakery boxes wholesale. They are deep enough to hold food items safely. You can also order boxes with compartments or a single piece of material. 

Additional features

We also deliver boxes that come with additional features such as dividers and trays. In case you want to pack sugar in bulk, for instance, it is good to order them in bulk.


Our prices are reasonable. You need not check your budget before buying from us. We always pay extra attention to the quality of material used, design, and durability of the box. Rest assured about our professionalism because when we commit to increasing your food business, we mean it. At our company, we’ll do everything to deliver the right custom food boxes.