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Bottle Neckers | Neck Tags | Neck Hangers Whatever you call them, Bottle Neckers, Neck Tags or Neck Hangers, they all are the same thing and they also serve the same purpose. When it comes to marketing, these little tags are worth applause. They are small and yet hold huge potential in them. No matter what the beverage is, these tags are going to make them shine and also is it in the limelight of the customer's eyes. Marketing has evolved over the time and you know this very well. Through many different media, the business owners are finding it very convenient to get their message across to their customers. One of those ways is by using these neckers. These are tied around the neck in different fashions. If you are someone who owns the business of beverages, then you need to bring the tags we are talking about in your limelight. Because after all, it is the marketing strategy that few apply to their products. There are many benefits of using these tags.

What are they made of?

When it comes to their manufacturing material, then Custom Boxes Bulk make sure that appropriate material is used. we offer both vinyl and cardboard forms. Both of these forms have their own benefits, but both of them can be printed upon beautifully without any hassle. So, if you are the one who thinks that owning such neckers can be a great way to boost your business, then you need to hire some professional who can help you get the right tag for your product.

How can they be used?

The neckers that Custom Boxes Bulk provide are all usable. They can be put around the necks of the bottles in a very subtle fashion. As we said before, there are many types of tags that you can use on your bottles. There are:
  • Pendants
  • Belle
  • Classic
  • Minnie
  • Poncho
  • Medallion
  • Donut
You can choose among any of these according to your needs and beverage types that you provide. All of these types have different types of knots or holes which are used to hang them around the neck of the bottles and this is why they are called “bottle neckers”. The types mentioned above are all size-wise. There are three major types when it comes to the way the neckers are hanged on the neck of the bottles. These types are as under:
  • Collar cone neckers: these tags are like cones that can be worn on the neck of the bottle. These provide better hold around the bottle and have a 360 degrees view.
  • Die-cut: these tags have a hole in the upper portion and the periphery of the hole to the outer side is round. They too can be worn on the neck of the bottle; however, they are flat and does not provide 360 degrees view as the cone necker provides.
  • String-tied neckers: since these include “strings”, these neckers are worn on the neck of the bottles through a string that is attached to the main tag by means of a hole pierced in it.

Point of Purchasing

These little tags provide a valuable insight into the customer behavior. There are barcodes or promotion codes printed on them so that they can help you in maintaining a proper check on the way customers interact with your product. This checkup, in turn, is great for your business as you get to see and track your Return On Investments. So, if you are surveying how your products are doing, these tags can provide you with ample information without any problem.

They can be printed

The vinyl or the cardboard tags that we talked about in the beginning are basically something that can be printed upon without having to worry about the quality of the tags deteriorating. As these tags are made to showcase your products, and sometimes even your mission and aspirations, there is a need to get them printed by a professional. This is where the Custom Boxes Bulk comes in. There is no hassle over the design. You are the owner and you are the driver of the design features and everything related it. However, before you begin to quote your order or you begin to have a raw design in your mind, we want to give you some recommendations about the design. Since we have been working with a lot of customers and we know how to set up beautiful neckers, we can provide you with valuable insight into how the tag for your product should be.

1) The message should be short

Since, there is no room on the tags for long, sluggish sentences, you are needed to make your message as short as possible. Also, since customers do not prefer reading long adverts, these messages should bear impact in the first impression so that your customers can get the idea of what they are looking at and what are they going to taste when they open that bottle.

2) It should state the purpose

The tags are used by business owners in order to convey their messages. These specific messages should be well versed in every sense. There is no need to hit the bushes. All you need to do is stay sharp and to the point without introducing or mingling the concepts. If you are including discount coupons in them, then you need to state it clearly and boldly.

3) They should be designed well

Designing is the third important thing in making a tag appealing to the eyes of the customers. If you have a good design on the tag, the not only your product gets appreciated, but it also gets exposure. The tags can be printed upon either on one side or on both the sides, depending upon your needs and aspirations. Thus, we recommend high professional services in order to have your Bottle Neckers in perfect condition. TNK Packaging is the one true place who can provide you with neckers that are totally for your product.