Window Boxes are meant to perch nature on your windows. If you have lost your connection with nature, then these boxes can help you restore it. Custom Boxes Bulk makes this connection viable through its umpteen collection of the different type of boxes that it delivers to the customers. All of these boxes are made of a material that is lightweight and can be according to what the customers want. The boxes about which we are talking don’t just add nature to your house, but it also accentuates your space both from the inside and the outside. As you know that in this age majority of the housing is taking place in tall rise buildings who don’t have spaces for gardens and other natural recreational activities. Thus, since, for every problem, there is a solution, so is for this one. The solution is in the form of these boxes which can be contained at a very reasonable price.

Why our boxes?

We have set up an open challenge to all of the players in the market to compete with the quality that we provide. Now in this country, you will be able to get what you want in the form of these boxes. There is no doubt that great care has to take in buying boxes for your plants and flowers in order to have value for your money as well as a container for the organisms. The boxes which we manufacture are undoubtedly the best and stands out among the rest of the products in the market because they have an aura of both style and innovation. Our products are tested and are then made available to the masses. This is because we don’t believe in just producing products, but we believe in producing the best products that can be deemed as our identity among the people. When it comes to identity, you should only prefer the boxes from us because our products are meant to increase not only the beauty of your house but also add to your identity around the town. With our beautiful boxes, you will be able to proudly nourish all the flowers in it without having to worry about the looks of it because they are made keeping in mind the need for the style of the general masses.

Our boxes are available in every material

Talking about the material with which the boxes are made, then we offer a wide variety of them according to your needs. There isn’t any material that is unavailable with us because we survey the needs of our customers and what prevails in the market and then come to a decision of including the different materials in our pool for our customers. We do this in order to provide variety and convenience to them. The variety of materials which we can use to produce the type of box you want are:
  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Terracotta
  • Metal
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl
  • Cellular PVC
Thus, as you can see we have nearly every type of material that you can have your boxes be shaped into. Each of these boxes needs their own stand. Some of them need a bracket while other need cleat mounting systems. No matter what kind of support is needed by these boxes, we design them so that they are compatible with the supports and offer no resistance to it in any form. Not just that, we can even have these boxes shaped according to your wishes, whether you need it to be square, oval, or rectangular, we can guarantee that there wouldn’t be any discrepancy left in producing the desired shape.

Our Windows Boxes last longer

The life of the boxes about which we are talking is merely 3 to 5 years. However, with the advanced technology that we use in making them, our boxes last longer than the conventional age that they have. We don’t use any degradable material and this is the secret to our happy customers. Through the availability of the best materials in the market from which we make these boxes, we have won many hearts and are still doing. Because we don’t compromise on the quality and our quality control team is paid a fortune for making it sure that all the boxes that we make pass the quality control protocol that we have, the customers flock in great numbers on this website to have their orders placed.

We make them available in every size

Size matters especially in the areas where boxes are used to compactly have things contained. This is why we make sure that based upon your recommendations, we only supply you the box that virtually and physically fits your window space in a matter of time and that you wouldn’t have to do any adjustments. Adjustments normally ruin the essence and the feel of the boxes because to everyone that is outside or inside the house the box that either is shorter than your window pane or longer would feel inappropriate and instead of garnering some praise for yourself, you would inspire ridicule. Thus, we do not recommend but also truly believe in producing the right sized boxes. The sizes which we produce can range from any value. We can even make boxes which are 10-12 inches in height. Because these boxes can hold more plants and facilitate their growth patterns, they are more recommended by us and also bought by our customers.

Our services are phenomenal

You might have experienced in the market that not everyone gives the right kind of services to their customers because of either overload or any other situation. However, no matter what load we are bearing or what conditions are we in, we never compromise on the happiness of our customers and always look forward to pleasing them with our innovative products. Our team is professional and we have every person onboard who knows how to deal with a customer and who can make it possible for them to have the kind of box that they want. So, if you want to be fed with innovation and respect, contact us now to buy Window Boxes.