Retail Boxes   Retail boxes are used to seal products before they are sold in the market. These boxes typically consist of a lid and base that contain one or more flaps to wrap around the product inside. Many types of retail packaging exist, but most fall into three categories:

Types of Retail Boxes

Blister Packaging  

A sleeve is wrapped around a product and sealed with clear plastic or with paper that is glued onto the surrounding sleeve. This allows for various designs and highlights on the blister card as well as allowing consumers to view the entire product prior to their purchase. The most common form of blister packaging is referred to as 'clamshells'. It has two pieces of plastic connected by an area of very thin paper (or air bubble film), allowing it to be opened.

Clamshell Packaging  

A clamshell is a plastic molded case with a removable lid, which contains a blister card inside the case. The two pieces of the shell lock together for product safety and security during shipping and handling.

Pouch Packaging 

A pouch has an open end that is heat-sealed or fused closed after product insertion. This allows products to be lightweight but still contained in a fully enclosed package. Pouches can be made from metalized materials or opaque plastics depending on needs for strength or barrier properties.

What type of material is used? 

A wide range of materials is used in the construction of retail boxes. Each material has its own properties that make it suitable for certain products but not others.


It is a strong, stiff, and solid type of paper with high bulk which is generally more expensive than other types of paper. It can be recycled many times and produces better environmental outcomes than other packaging materials.    Corrugated fiberboard   It consists of two or more layers (flutes) and one layer (medium) of kraft corrugated board glued together at right angles to each other forming fluted columns of hollow rectangular tubes called "cells". The cells give the board strength and crush resistance making it capable of shipping products via carriers.    Corrugated Plastic   This is a type of strong, multi-layered paperboard with corrugated plastic as the facing material. It can be recycled and is lightweight allowing for reduced shipping costs. Corrugated plastic allows for printing on both surfaces making it appropriate for many purposes including labeling and graphics.

What are Retail Boxes used for?     

Retail boxes are used to package products before they are released onto the market. This packaging protects the product from damage during transportation, storage, sale at retail outlets or online stores, etc. The retail box must also highlight key features of the product inside in order to encourage sales consumers to see them on shelves.  

Special features 

The boxes can have a variety of features that make them more appealing to consumers and allow the product inside to be viewed before they purchase. 

High-resolution graphics 

The boxes can have custom cutouts, windows, or surface graphics to showcase the product inside. These types of items can also contain perforated flaps for easy access to products etc. 

Special sizes 

Our retail boxes are often sized based on product dimensions making sure they fit properly in shipping cartons or at retail outlets.

Ease of use 

This type of packaging allows products to be easily removed from their container with little trouble for the consumer. 


Less waste  

This type of packaging creates less waste than other types like plastic because no excess material is used to make the item. 


The boxes can be specially designed in terms of size, shape, and materials. This allows for companies to highlight their brand through added marketing opportunities etc.

How long will they last?  

This type of packaging is not meant for permanent storage because the box may get crushed or large amounts of weight placed on it causing damage. The life expectancy depends on how often it is handled and environmental factors such as heat, humidity, etc.  

How much do retail boxes cost? 

They can range in cost depending on size, quantity, type of material used, and other special features. When purchasing retail boxes it is important to weigh all options before making a final decision because oftentimes lower-priced products are not the highest quality. 

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